Same-Sex Adoption

Same sex adoption is a fact of life and it is becoming more common. Whether you agree or disagree, it is about the children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Child Welfare League of America both support gay and lesbian adoption. Their research has shown that children who grow up in a healthy and happy environment will grow into loving, respectful adults regardless of the parent’s sexual orientation. Choosing adoption is one of the greatest gifts that any couple can give to a child.

Foster homes are filled with children who have been neglected and abused. Adoption gives a child the change to grow and reach their full potential. There are different adoption options available and a qualified attorney who is well versed in same sex adoptions can help work through the issues that same sex parents will face.

There are different types of adoptions that a same sex couple can consider. An open adoption involves some sort of ongoing communication with the birth mother and the adoptive parents. Each party agrees on the degree of communication that the birth mother will have with the child as he or she grows up. A public agency adoption is carried out by the public child welfare system and because each state has different laws on gay and lesbian adoption this is not usually the best option. International adoptions require the help of an agency. It is possible for a same sex couple to adopt overseas, but conservative and religious countries do not favor gay and lesbian adoption. Because of the problems that same sex couples face they often opt for a private adoption.
Private adoption is carried out by an adoption attorney and it does not involve an agency. Usually the prospective parents are trying to adopt a child that they already know or go through a surrogate. A surrogate is a birth mother who carries a child for the parents to be. A qualified lawyer can help the prospective parent’s understand their rights and the legal aspects of same sex adoption.

There are difficulties that gay and lesbians face when considering adoption. Each state has different laws and it is important to know your rights when you proceed with the process.

Same sex adoption in Iowa permits single GLBT adoption. This means that one of the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered partners can legal adopt a child. However, the laws on joint gay adoption are not clear and some second parent adoptions are allowed in certain areas. If you and your partner both want to be legal parents to an adopted child a qualified attorney will help you with the grey areas of the laws in Iowa.

Adopting a child is a wonderful thing and it is important to be prepared. Hiring an attorney who is well versed in the state laws is the first step that needs to be taken if you want to adopt a child. A qualified attorney can help you decide what type of adoption is best for you and your partner.