Wills: Why You Need An Iowa Attorney To Prepare Your Will

No one should risk passing away without a will. Dying intestate can result in serious complications, expense, heartbreak, and arguments amongst your family members. It also means you have no say in what happens to your valuable property, personal items, and even the well-being of underage children. This is only the beginning of why every adult in Iowa should have an Iowa attorney prepare a will.

First, if you die intestate, your estate is in the court’s hands. Regardless of what you prefer, and what members of your family may want, it is up to the court to decide what to do with everything you own. It does not matter whether you have a large estate, or very little property. If you want everything disbursed according to your wishes, you need an Iowa attorney.

Your Iowa attorney will record every detail of your wishes for your estate in this legal document. It is the only way to ensure your plans are carried out after you die.

You also need to designate someone as executor. This person will be responsible for initiating probate after you pass away. Probate is the process by which a will is shown to be valid. Probate also involves appraising your estate, noting anything that must be paid to creditors, paying taxes, and distributing the contents of your estate as you have stated in your will.

When you are planning to choose an Iowa lawyer, you may wish to consider a family law lawyer. While a family law lawyer can assist with general wills, this particular type of attorney is even more beneficial if you have children. If your children are minors, a family law lawyer can help you designate an appropriate guardian to care for your youngsters until they become legal age.

Your personal circumstances are not nearly as important as being responsible. Regardless of your age, income, or situation, consulting an Iowa attorney is the responsible way to put everything in order. Your estate is too important to leave to the court to decide. Whatever estate you have earned and own, what happens to it after you die is best decided by you, yourself.

Some people believe they do not need a will. Their families usually suffer for this irresponsibility afterward. Others believe a do-it-yourself will is good enough. Some use a handwritten will, or print something they find on a website. However, in lacking the legal expertise of an Iowa attorney, too much is left to chance. Most average people do not know their rights and obligations. There is also the chance a court will not accept a document that is not prepared by a competent Iowa attorney.

If you are an adult, your best course of action is to discuss your estate matters with an Iowa attorney. Your lawyer will explain everything you need to know, and help you with this all-important legal document. You will have the peace of mind of knowing your estate will be distributed as you see fit. Only an Iowa attorney can make sure your plans for your estate are carried out.